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Our Objective

Nepal is a very beautiful and ecologically rich mountainous country. The effects of climate change in Nepal is mostly seen in the agricultural pattern and the melting of the glacial lakes and mountains. Nepal is experiencing visible impact of Climate Change on agriculture, biodiversity, tourism, health, Infrastructure and water resources.
The changing climate is affecting many people who are dependent on the ecosystem and natural resources. That is why the project is initiated in Nepal, to act with urgency and try to come up with preventive as well as adaptive measures.

Objectives of Climate Reality Project Nepal

1) Creating awareness among peoples on climate change

2) Mobilizing youths and involvement of schools and colleges in green activities and community


3) Maintaining relation between policy makers, journalist, environmentalist and youths about

inclusion of environmental and climate issues

4) Promoting eco-tourism and research to know firsthand about the changing climate and


5) Promoting alternative energy to combat climate change.

The reality we now face implores us to act. - James Hansen Former director, NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies