December 29, 2017 | 12:41 pm | By: Climate Reality Project Nepal


Public awareness is important to increase enthusiasm and support, stimulate self-mobilization and action, and mobilize local knowledge and resources. Raising political awareness is important as policy makers and politicians are key actors in the policy process of adaptation. Awareness raising requires strategies of effective communication to reach the desired outcome. The combination of these communication strategies for a targeted audience for a given period can broadly be described as “awareness raising campaign”. The aim of awareness raising campaigns most often differs between contexts but generally includes increase concern, informing the targeted audience, creating a positive image and attempts to change their behavior.

The Climate Reality Project Nepal aims to outreach the science of climate change to a wider public. It was promulgated back in 2015 where in initiation of Phurpa lama this organization was promulgated. Similarly, the collaborator of The Climate Reality Concert- Aabash Memorial Foundation that aims to create sustainable solutions to marginalized community by means of resilient community services.

The major aim of Climate Reality Concert is to do a grass root movement to aware people about the changing climatic pattern. Climate reality concert is done collaboratively by The Climate Reality Project Nepal and Aabash Memorial Foundation


This event aimed to outreach people especially youth to understand the science of climate change. The major purpose to initialize this event was to also persuade people especially youth to know the present situation of Climate change and why resiliency of such issues as essential for a country like Nepal. Most of all the major purposes were:

  1. To outreach the information of Climate change urgency to wider public by the means of music.
  2. To inform audiences of why grass root movement of awareness as these could be beneficial.
  3. Events which can both persuade and help audience receive knowledge by guest speakers from WWF NEPAL and ICIMOD collaboratively.
  4. To let the audiences and wider public know about such grass root movement that will happen every year consistently.


The event was pre planned a month earlier to allocate roles of different volunteer team. The volunteer’s were selected based upon their interest and first come first basis.

This event has particularly 2 guests from different back grounds. The guests invited were from WWF NEPAL and ICIMOD. Representing WWF NEPAL was honorary Dr, Ghanashyam Gurung who is the director of WWF NEPAL and from ICIMOD was Mr. Nand Kishor Agrawal, the coordinator of Himalayan Climate Change Adaptation Programme.

Director of WWF NEPAL, Ghanashyam Gurung as a key note speaker of the event explained and shared his knowledge of importance of resiliency for a country like Nepal and why events as these can help bring change as a grass root level movement. He also explained about the event that WWF NEPAL up brings every year as Earth hour where concerts as these could make huge role in awareness raising actions to let know the community and audiences of what’s happening in the ground level through Medias.

Similarly, Mr Nand Kishor Agrawal, coordinator of HICAP started with a story of his upbringing where climate change played a role with which he intended to work for HICAP. His story was as inspiring as his passion to change the adaptation patterns in community to help them be resilient. He also shared his perception of how a communication of climate science to wider public with means of concert could bring change in the society.

In regard to team formation, the methods involved in making the first Climate Reality Concert involved forming up of teams that help in initializing and making this event a success. The Volunteers merely were teamed up as mentee’s of Country director- Phurpa Lama. The total of 11 volunteers participated in the event organization.

Such volunteer’s were formed and divided as 4 genres.

1. Logistic management team

  1. Financial management team
  2. Promotional management team
  3. Administrative management team

As per the above mentioned managerial team each team has 2 sub volunteers to look effectively to the work done during and before the concert.

In addition, the director of Aabash Memorial Foundation contributed in performing with her band ( JOTs) which is an All girl band to help raise awareness about grassroots movement by finding out the logistic place ( Karma lounge, located in Tripureshwor, Lalitpur, Nepal) and forming up of the entire team, allocating of work.

The audiences were charged certain amount so that the venue breakeven amount could be gained.


There are various forms of media through which the message can be communicated, for example through television, internet, newspapers and concerts. Our major focus was to target audience from various backgrounds to know the changing climatic pattern by means of media (Concert). To persuade youths to know that climate urgency is essential. The first Climate Reality Concert as its name proved to be somehow biennial as people were interested to join this grass root movement.

Nevertheless, we aim to outreach even wider public in the next year to come.