Conference and Workshop on Climate Change and Climate Politics

April 12, 2017 | 3:56 pm | By: Climate Reality Project Nepal

The Climate Reality Project Nepal conducted a one day Conference and workshop on Climate Change and Climate Politics in Kathmandu on 26th March 2017. In the prevent phase, The Climate Reality Project Nepal took the responsibility of selecting the volunteers and dividing the work load, organizing frequent meetings mobilizing them to different Colleges in Kathmandu to spread fact about the climate crisis and spread about the Climate politics conference.

Key objective of this event was to help share about the global impacts, solutions and Science behind Climate change, it’s implication in Nepal, update about the national and international  climate change policies, agreement and commitment  process  and to develop connections for the continued work on climate issues. The Conference brought diverse groups of young energetic Students, officials and entrepreneurs.

Head of Parliamentary Forum on Climate Change in Nepal Honorable Sher Bahadur Tamang was invited as a chief guest to inaugurate the conference and workshop on Climate change and Climate politics. All together selective 65 young enthusiastic participants from different environment back ground actively participated the conference. In the opening ceremony, Climate Reality Leader Anuska Joshi MC (Master of Ceremony) of the program formally welcomed chief guest, participants, Volunteers and everyone present in the program. Mr. Phurpa Lama Country Manager for The Climate Reality Project Nepal expressed his gratitude to everyone and made brief about overall objective and Importance about the conference. An Inauguration speech was followed by short introductory session, where everyone disclosed their name, place and designation.

After the opening Ceremony the Session was followed by Anuska Joshi  Office Coordinator to The Climate Reality Project Nepal by delivering her presentation on “Climate Reality” where she focused her slide with global Impacts, Solutions and Science behind Climate Change.

Secondly, the presentation was followed by Ashra Kunwar Communication coordinator for The Climate Reality Project Nepal with the topic “ Climate Resiliency and empowering human parson” She also shared her great experience about how she took a leadership in communicating with the Community women group to help them be resilient against climate crisis. Importantly, she was able to deliver knowledge about resiliency and adaptive capacity among Participants.

Climate Reality Leader Rubina Karki delivered her presentation on the topic “Youth Activism on Climate Change”. The presentation started with the definition of youth as defined by Wikipedia. The main motive of the presentation was to motivate and encourage the participants present in the conference to work in the field of environment and climate change. The presentation covered the Agenda 21 of chapter 55 of the UNFCCC which clearly mentioned the involvement of youth in the decision making process. The presentation also gave a briefing about YOUNGO (UNFCCC observer of Youth Non-Governmental Organization). It also covered the climate change movements empowered by the youths all over the world as well as in Nepal. It covered the conferences, seminars, rallies initiated by the youths all over the world.

The presentation ended with a quote by Margaret mead “Never doubt that a group of thoughtful committed people can change the world. It is indeed the only thing that ever has”

Aditya Sunuwar Rai, Field manager for The Climate Reality Project Nepal delivered his presentation on “Impacts of Climate Change in Public Health” which included all the infectious diseases that are caused by the climate change. He mentioned about premature death and adverse chronic and respiratory health outcomes due to natural occurring wildfires which emits fine particles and ozone precursors, sometime airborne allergens, asthma episodes and other illness. He also mentioned that change in precipitation pattern, rise in temperature and extreme weather events prevalence the mosquito related diseases like Dengue and Cholera. Importantly, the  Extreme weather events even leads to the destruction of drinking water, waste water infrastructures which risk human and farm land, vegetables lands exposure to different water borne pathogens, chemicals and toxins. Finally, he also mentioned that the Change in climate can results negative health impacts on human health and serious mental health consequences which brings change in social behavior.

The Climate Reality Leader Ranjit Sapkota dealt his presentation with the topic “Climate Change and Youth Empowerment” where he mentioned Nepal is small but it have diverse climate varying from place to place making our country vulnerable to climate change. He also mentioned that 75% of our economically active population is dependent upon agricultural activity to sustain their daily life. Recently climate change have brought abrupt irreversible change in monsoon pattern and average weather condition. Water resource are drying up rapidly. Agricultural yield is very low. People are being affected by Climate Change, they are being forced to leave their land in search of better opportunity. People are changing their jobs. Job is very hard to find and many people compete for limited job. The presentation ended with a quote anyone who have the will to do and work hard to meet their goal is a youth. If we want to change the world we should be the change that we want to see. Change starts from us. Together we can bring the change that we want to see.


Finally. Phurpa Lama Country Director for The Climate Reality Project Eminent Speaker of the event delivered his Presentation on “The International Climate Politics and the road ahead after Paris agreement and COP22” where he dealt with key outcomes agreed at United Nation Climate Talks in Morocco during 22nd Conference of Parties and way forward.


Second Session was about thematic discussion to be conducted in relations to identifying problems and Solutions to climate change and divided the entire participants into four groups and dealt with following topic Climate Change and Sustainability Group, Climate resiliency, Climate Refugees and Victims and Community Adaptation Environmental rules and Regulation. Four of our Climate Reality Leaders, Jyoti Ghimire, Aditya Sunuwar Rai, Rubina Karki and Ashra kunwar facilitated the group workshop. The group discussion and workshop was concluded successfully. All the participants discussed and interacted actively on the given topic under the guidance of their respective facilitator.

At the end, entire Participant of the workshop developed and agreed to follow seven Promises/pledges for the future of our children and our grandchildren. The seven Promises are as follows:

  1. To use the resources wisely (closing tap, electrical appliances when it is not necessary.
  2. To reduce the waste generation at home by segregating waste as degradable and non-degradable.
  3. To promote awareness program and empower people about adaptation and mitigation. 
  4. Increase the use of renewable and alternative sources of energy.
  5. Use Ecofriendly vehicles or walk far as possible
  6. To Promote and use organic products.
  7. To consider the 5R principal-Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Refuse and Repurpose.

The program was finally concluded by closing remarks from Mr. Phurpa Lama Country Manager for The Climate Reality Project Nepal.