Conference and Workshop on Climate Change and Climate Politics

February 6, 2017 | 6:14 am | By: Climate Reality Project Nepal

The Climate Reality Project Nepal is organizing “Conference and Workshop on Climate Change and Climate Politics” on the 26th of March, 2017. In this historic moment when the world is shifting to the clean energy sources, all the students, entrepreneurs and officials need to come together to help combat the changing climate. And this is what the conference aims to do. The conference will bring together diverse students, officials and entrepreneurs to discuss on the changing climate, its implication and the international commitments taken till date. The conference will be followed by group workshop to address various issues relating to climate change and end with reception.
1) To learn about the science behind the climate change and its global impacts
2) To know about the implication in Nepal
3) To discuss about the international climate politics and international commitments
4) To develop connections for the continued work on climate issues.
Venue will be announced soon.

Eminent speaker Mr. Phurpa Lama, the Country Director of Climate Reality Nepal, who will speak on “The international climate Politics and the road ahead after Paris Agreement and COP22
Anuska Joshi, Climate Leader and Program Coordinator of Climate Reality Nepal, who will speak on “Science of Climate Change and its Global Impacts
Rubina Karki, Climate Leader ‘Youth activism in Climate Change”.
Ashra Kunwar, “Climate resilience and empowering human person“.