Senior 3D artist / IT Coordinator

The Climate Reality Project Nepal

Pasang Lama, born on 21st September 1988, was raised  in the Kiul VDC of Sindhupalchok District of Nepal.  He graduated in Information Technology at The Department of Multimedia, Jamal, Kathmandu, Nepal in 2009, progressing to Diploma from Black Box Animation at the Academy of Visual Effects in 2015.   He is curious in doing creative activities like painting, sketching, Sculpture, travelling and social service. He have been awarded for securing first position on sketch competition on the occasion of 2nd anniversary of Black box Animation and VFX Academy in the year 2013, a great achievement for him in the field of Art and Animation.He is now standing in the process of making world environment clean and healthy living earth through animation work and wanted to inform every society around the world about the facts of climate crisis that we human are facing in the current century and the urgency to act upon these problems. He also believes that we human are burning the world by producing maximum amount of Carbon dioxide, Nitrogen, methane and other greenhouse gasses.

Since 2007, he have been experiencing in CG (Computer Graphic) and worked in Animation studio at Doodle Art’s Nepa, Sanepa-2 Kathmandu, Nepal. He is positively passionate about computer animation Modeling, Digital matte painting, Lighting texturing, Animation, Illustration and Game development. Being a CG artist, He have build up a flexible Workflow best on animation pipeline and very fast learner and quick adapt to new software and animation pipeline workflow.

Besides animation he wanted to put much of his effort on environmental issues to make a world a better place to live in.